Milan Gupta - Founding Partner

Milan Gupta - Founding Partner

Milan has over 25 years of experience in leading technology enabled change holding senior technology leadership positions at top global companies such as AXA, Prudential plc, Barclays, British Telecom and Verizon. Milan’s roots are software engineering and has been well recognized as a ‘technical judo artist’ throughout his career. He is a deep software and systems expert with hands-on experience spanning software, databases, networks and hardware. His career experiences evolved him into an execution focused leader with an operational/customer centric heart. He specializes in leading complex systems integration challenges and has turned around numerous runaway enterprise   programs over the course of his career. 

At Verizon, Milan was responsible for all systems that ran the Verizon network. A key accomplishment in his career was his technical leadership and delivery of one of the largest legacy replacement projects in the industry that saved the company over $100M per year in the late 90s. The system he built won the “Best built OSS/BSS” award at Supercomm in 2001. He is proudest of the highly talented team he built there and their subsequent accomplishments. 

At British Telecom (BT), for the first two years, Milan played the role of the “fixer” for the CIO of BT. As part of this, Milan delivered on critical initiatives for BT including mandatory regulatory undertakings and turnaround of BT’s flagship   partnership with Reuters. Milan then pivoted from “fixing” to “preventing” problems using the experience he had gained and a direct mandate from the CEO of BT. To accomplish this, Milan assumed the role of Chief Architect of BT. Under this mandate,  Milan authored and implemented BT’s platform strategy and architecture that also defined the structure and operating model within IT. This transformed BT’s operational systems and technology from a mix of 4500 different applications to 25 core   service platforms, reducing significant cost whilst improving agility and   quality. Milan was directly responsible for over 800 architects and solution   designers operating across BT. 

After almost 20 years in the telecom sector, Milan switched to the finance sector in order to continue his journey of learning. Over the past 10 years, Milan has worked in Banking (Barclays), Insurance (AXA) and Asset Management (Prudential plc). 

At Barclays, he played the role of the Chief Architect and Managing Director of shared platforms. He implemented a number of critical architectural transformations including unifying customer experience across business units via a global customer master file & middleware for complex event processing. Milan also had  responsibility for the data platform within Barclays. 

At AXA, as the Chief Architect, Milan chaired the global architecture council, a board accountable for all technology standards across AXA and also, was a sponsor of  the data and cloud initiatives within AXA’s global digital transformation journey. 

At Prudential plc, as part of a specialist team accountable for leading digital transformation, Milan authored and drove the execution of the cloud strategy for Prudential plc. He also established a data innovation showcase piloting a number of transformative applications including real-time risk monitoring for Prudential’s GBP 600B of customer assets under management. 

Milan was born in India, and moved to the US in 1988 to pursue his Bachelors degree from Ohio Wesleyan University as a Presidential scholar. He graduated in 1992, triple majoring in Mathematics, Computer Science and Physics, and a minor in English. Milan enjoys travelling and experiencing new cultures and environments. He has worked and lived in the US, UK and France and now (hopefully, finally) settled in Raleigh, North Carolina with his wife, Jennifer and their two teenagers, Sarika & Alin.