What we can do for you ..

Technology Strategy & Architecture

What distinguishes us is our focus and experience in execution. Our strategies and recommendations are developed for you and are unique to your environment. Our deep understanding of IT and Operations allows us to fine-tune leading industry trends and best-practices into implementable plans for you. 

Full-stack Troubleshooting & Optimization

Don't give up on your team. Would you like us to help make your application run twice as fast ? Scale 10x ?

Deep-dive technical analysis with surgical changes / optimizations. Our deep technical expertise across all layers of the "stack" - desktop, application, data/database, middleware, operating system, compute infrastructure and network enables certain problem-solving "magic". 

IT People Analytics

Your people are the most important to your success. Are they structured for success ? Do you have the right skills ? Are the right roles defined and empowered ? Are you aware of the talent you already have ? We can analyze your organization and answer this just using data from your people directory or HR systems. 

Data Strategy & Architecture

Data is the lifeblood for companies today, and unfortunately, a "world hunger" type problem within most companies.  Where starting over isn't an option, we can analyse your data landscape and identify focused technical investment opportunities to improve your business. 

Delivery Acceleration

We can help you pierce through dead-locks and drive delivery acceleration. Where there is a will, there is a way ! We work hands-on within your team with a razor focus on the goal. 

SDLC / DevOps

The magic of software development hasn't really changed, however, the tools have significantly evolved over the past 20 years.  We are big believers in the Atlassian suite for managing SDLC.